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The first Eisteddfod in Johannesburg "





Eisteddfod Cyntaf Johannesburg

Nadolig 1896


(trans: First Eisteddfod Johannesburg

Christmas 1896)


This photo belonged to Webbert (J. E. Griffiths), who gave a copy to my husband. He said that he had found it in Buckley. At any rate, he was convinced that, as it was in his possession and found in Buckley, it must have a Buckley connection somewhere along the line! (any ideas welcome- ed.) I took a copy to the museum in Johannesburg during a trip there and they were delighted to receive it, placing it on display.


The address of the museum is;-


City of Johannesburg

Africana Museum

Public Library

Market Square




The text of the letter of thanks from the museum to Mrs S. Lewis, dated 30th October 1980, is reproduced below:


Please accept my thanks for the photograph of the 1896 Eisteddfod in Johannesburg which you have donated to the museum.

This is a welcome addition to our Picture Collection and your generosity is appreciated.


Yours sincerely


(Mrs) E. B. Nagelhurst





Author: Lewis, Mary K


Year = 1896

Event = Historic

Gender = Mixed

Landscape = Domestic

People = Group

Extra = Music

Extra = Pre 1900

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