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An Arthur Jones Photograph"

18, Brunswick Road, Buckley


see 42.61 for the photo on the reverse, which measures 7cm by 3.5cm.

see 21.32 - Dempter's advert for date of transfer of business (1953).


Arthur Jones was a bachelor and at one time the only photographer in Buckley. His business was next to the doctor's house and surgery. Dr Dobson was there in the late 1920s. Dr Collier came to Buckley c.1935. Then it was sold and turned into a chemist. Next to that was the Cosy Café, known as "The Cosy" and popular with commercial travellers. It had accommodation. Between the café and the photographers was a wall. The other side of that was Langford's Grocers.




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No: 249

Arthur Jones

Photographer & Picture Frame Maker,

Buckley, Chester


(Llandegla Moors, Easter 1928)

Author: Jones, Arthur


Year = 1928

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Shops

Extra = 1920s

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