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Buckley Choral Society Concert of The Creation"

Tabernacle Methodist Church, Padeswood Road, Buckley

11 April 1951

The archive team was given the minute book from 17th September 1948 to 20th February 1953. The minutes have been split into years and added to a programme from that year on the archive. See under the author section of the reminiscence field under the above author for the other sets of minutes.


Session 1950-1951

A weekly meeting of the committee was held on Tuesday 26th Sept. 1950 at 7.30pm

Present: Mr.G.Williams, Chairman. Mr.A.Probert, A.Astbury, H.Griffiths, G.Tarran. Mrs.A.Astbury, Miss G.V.Jones

Apologies for absence were received from Mr.F.Iball (ill) Mrs.W.Inch, Mrs.D.Cropper, Miss W.Spencer.

Mr.Williams said that he had received a letter from Mr.T.Roberts (in Canada) asking him to have a committee meeting before the end of Sept. to arrange the work to be done during the coming session. Mr.A.Probert then said he could not produce a complete balance sheet for the last concert because one or two bills had still to be paid. Out of a balance left of £14.0.9 we had to pay Hayes Bros. £4 and also the Tabernacle, if agreed to, the sum of £5.5.0. Out of the balance left there was the bill for the hire of piano to be paid. Mr.Griffiths proposed and Mr.A.Astbury seconded that we should pay the Tabernacle the same amount as last year £5.5.0 and this was carried.

Commencement of session: Mr.A.Probert proposed and Mr.A.Astbury seconded that it should commence on Friday 13th Oct. and at the first meeting to see whether Friday was still the best night for practice. This was carried.

Selection of Work: Mr.Williams said that Mr.Roberts thought we should consider doing The Creation with one or two short chorus works besides. After a general discussion Mr.A.Probert proposed and Mr.H.Griffiths seconded that we should do The Creation. Mr.G.Tarran proposed Judas Maccabeus but there was no seconder. It was therefore agreed that The Creation would be the work to be done.

Officials: Proposed b Mr.A.Astbury and seconded by Mr.H.Griffiths that they should be selected en bloc. This was carried. It was agreed that we should have 20 posters printed giving the Work and date for commencing the session. This concluded the business.


The committee met on the following dates

23rd Feb. 2nd and 9th March 1951

to arrange for the annual concert. It was agreed that we should have the concert earlier this time, and Mr.H.Griffiths proposed seconded by Mr.A.Astbury that April 11th be suitable. This was carried. After various discussions about the artists the following were selected: Soprano: Eva Mitchell proposed Miss G.V.Jones seconded Mr.A.Astbury. Tenor: Lloyd Strauss-Smith proposed Mr.F.Iball seconded Mr.H.Griffiths. Bass: Mr.William Parsons proposed Mrs.E.Cropper seconded Mr.G.Tarran. Mr.Roberts informed the committee that Miss Eva Mitchell was unable to come and therefore the soprano chosen was Miss Beryl Hatt. Mr.Roberts also mentioned that he had interviewed Dr.Caleb Jervis for organist but was sorry to say that he could not play on the date 11th April owing to his commitments with the Welsh Choral Union. After further discussion the following were selected. Mr.Raymond Roberts proposed Mrs.Inch seconded Mr.A.Astbury. Mr.Taberer proposed Mr.G.Tarran seconded Mr.F.Iball. On a vote being taken Mr.Raymond Roberts was elected. The price of admission was agreed to be 3/6 without any reservations and the secretary was told to order 700 tickets from Mr.E.Cropper. It was also agreed that the concert should be advertised in the Chester Chronicle and The Leader. Mrs.E.Cropper also mentioned that we should display photographs of the artists and Mr.T.Roberts said he would see about them. The secretary said that he had made an application for exemption from Tax and had also applied to Mr.Peters to approach the trustees for the loan of the Tabernacle and that they had agreed to it. This concluded the business.


Author: Buckley Choral Society Committee


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