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Buckley foundry"

Foundry, Brunswick Road, Buckley

November 1992



Some technical details of the products at Buckley Foundry


  1. Two induction furnaces

1 capacity 600 Kilos

1 capacity 1000 Kilos

plus a small furnace for small aluminium casting

  1. Largest casting produced 100 Kilos
  2. Castings made for

a)Auto motive industry

b)Agricultural Equipment

c)British Rail

d)Electric supply industry (cupola furnace finished late 1970's)

  1. Capacity of mono rail ladle 240 Kilos

" hand ladles 20 Kilos

  1. Temperature of Induction Furnaces 1460 c - 1510 c (when melt ready)
  2. Melt takes 1 hour to reach 1510 c. Batch Process
  3. Furnaces lined with silica powder compound dried and fired - life of lining decided by tonnage produced.
  4. Two main "irons" used for castings

Grey Iron: typical Analysis C 3.4 si 1.8 Mn 0.4 P 0.13

Spherical Graphite

C 3.6 si 2.6 mn 0.1 P.04 s. 02 cu may be added

Analysis of Product depends on customer's request. Analysis of each batch made using spectrograph.

Additions to correct analysis made in furnace and ladle.


Author: Williams, Emrys


Year = 1992

Month = November

Building = Industrial

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = 1990s

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