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Kiln men outside a Buckley brickworks"


please note that this text is unrelated to the photo, except that it shows a group of brick makers.


From the Pioneer News

Nov 13th - year unknown


Buckley Strike Deadlock

Abortive Conference at Chester


A conference was held at Chester between representatives from the Buckley Fire Brick Makers' Association and delegates belonging to the three trade unions affected in the fire clay workers' strike at Buckley, which has now lasted more than sixteen weeks.


The employers refused arbitration, but made an offer which was not equal to the terms offered sixteen weeks ago, and this was refused by the union representatives, and the negotiations broke down.


At a meeting of the men on strike at Buckley afterwards the workmen, 500 in number, decided to reject the offer and continue the strike. Many of the men have found employment in other industries.


Author: Downey, James


Year = 1930

Building = Industrial

Gender = Male

People = Group

Work = Heavy Industry

Extra = Formal Portrait

Extra = 1930s

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