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Buckley Amateur Swimming Club Diamond Jubilee Booklet"

21 May 1988

In a newspaper report for 1st September 1951, Buckley's success at the North Wales Championships at Colwyn Bay were documented.

Peter Fox won the men's 440 yds in 6 mins 11.5 seconds; and was second in the 100 yds free style, losing by one fifth of a second.

Myra Keeley won the ladies' 440 yds in 8 mins 19.3 seconds; and won the 100 yds free style in 1 min 40.4 seconds.

Cecily Bunting was second in the 100 yds back stroke (1 min 44.8 seconds).


At the baths in August 1951, the Buckley 1st and 2nd Water Polo teams were beaten in the Liverpool and District Water Polo matches against Moss Pitts, Liverpool. The first team were defeated by six goals to one, the second by six to nil. Buckley won the squadron race.


The Buckley Amateur Swimming Club performed very well in June 2003 at the North Wales Championships. The junior team had 15 finalists who between them won 37 gold medals.


In March 2007 at the North Wales Championships, the Club's members all improved on their personal best.


In June 2009, at the Wrexham Gala, the Club attained 120 personal bests and won 39 gold, 20 silver and 25 bronze medals.


In October 2009, the Club qualified for the Welsh National League Finals at Newport. The head coach, Peter Rose, said that it was the best team effort he had seen since being at the Club. Over 90% gained a personal best. The Finals date - 2010.


In March 2012, the Club took part in a one-mile fundraising event at Buckley Leisure Centre to raise money to pay for their programme of coach training and the purchase of a software programme to help coahces with team selection and gala entries. The youngest to take part out of 58 swimmers was 8, with the quickest mile swum by David Griffiths in 23 minutes.




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Year = 1988

Month = May

Day = 21

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