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Rediscovery of the Knowl Hill tramway or: '...and Jim Bentley passed this way' by Joe Chesters"

Knowl Hill, Buckley


I was delighted to have won Joe's painting. Of course, I made sure I stood a good chance by buying a fair few raffle tickets! I, like many living in Buckley, have walked on Knowl Hill many times and remember the outdoor museum which Jim set up for the benefit of everyone, hoping to generate interest in the importance of the industrial landscape in Buckley. The site is now overgrown again and all the information signs long gone. I think Joe's painting communicates the mood of the whole place. It is redolent of times past, and he is right - just off the scene stands Jim, in quiet contemplation.

Author: Shone, Carol


Year = 2002

Gender = Male

Landscape = Industrial

Object = Visual Art

People = Single

Transport = Streetcar

Extra = Visual Arts

Extra = 2000s

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