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Wilfred Owens' school leaving certificate"

6 June 1912

see 42.47


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(This FORM of REQUISITION is furnished gratuitously. The applicant must fill in the required particulars, sign his or her name at the foot, and either take the form to the SUPERINTENDENT REGISTRAR of the DISTRICT in which the Birth occurred, or send it to him, together with the fee of 6d. and ld. for postage).

The Form must NOT be sent to the Registrar-General.


This Certificate is not available for purposes of Secondary Education.






REQUISITION for a CERTIFIED COPY of an ENTRY of BIRTH for the purposes of the above-mentioned Act, or for any purpose connected with the EMPLOYMENT in LABOUR or ELEMENTARY EDUCATION of a Young Person under the age of Sixteen years, or of a Child.


To the SUPERINTENDENT REGISTRAR or REGISTRAR of BIRTHS and DEATHS having the custody of the Registrar in which the Birth of the under-mentioned Young Person or Child is registered.


I, the undersigned, hereby demand, for the purposes above-mentioned, or some or one of them, a Certificate of the Birth of the Young Person or Child named in the subjoined Schedule.


Christian Name and Surname of the Wilfred Owens

Young Person or Child of whose

Age a Certificate is required.


Father William Owens


Mother Martha nee Peters


Where such Young Person Spon Green, Buckley

or Child was Born


In what year such Young Person

or Child was Born 14/6/98


The Certificate is required for the following purpose, namely:-


Boy leaving school for work


Dated this 6th day of June 1912


Signature: John Lindop

Address: Lane End Buckley

Occupation: School Attendance Officer


WHEREAS by Section 134 of the Factory and Workshop Act, 1901, it is enacted as follows:- "Where the age of any young person under the age of sixteen years, or child, is required to be ascertained or proved for the purposes of this Act, or for any purpose connected with the employment in labour or elementary education of the young person or child, any person shall, on presenting a written requisition, in such form, and containing such particulars as may be from time to time prescribed by the Local Government Board, and on payment of a fee of sixpence, be entitled to obtain a certified copy under the hand of the Registrar or Superintendent Registrar, of the entry in the Register, under the Births and Deaths Registration Acts, 1836 to 1874, of the birth of that young person or child; and such form of requisition shall on request be supplied without charge by every superintendent registrar and registrar of births, deaths, and marriages." NOW THEREFORE, We, the Local Government Board, in pursuance of the powers given to Us by the Statutes in that behalf, hereby Order as follows:-


ARTICLE II.-The requisition to be made to entitle any person to obtain a certified copy of an entry of a registry of birth under the section above-cited shall be in the Form set forth in the Schedule to this Order.


ARTICLE III.-This Order shall come into operation on the Fifteenth day of April, One thousand nine hundred and ten.


GIVEN under the Seal of Office of the Local Government Board, Fifteenth day of March in the year One thousand nine hundred and ten.


(Signed) JOHN BURNS, President.

(Signed) WALTER T. JERRED, Assistant Secretary.

Author: Local Government Board


Year = 1912

Month = June

Day = 6

Event = Educational

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = 1910s

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