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Knowl Hill, Buckley

August 1990

Situated at the commencement of sidings approach.




The Coal-Wharf Junction

J. Bentley

This tramway cross-over and "frog" diverted tramway box-waggons, laden with coal from local pits to an unloading ramp parallel to the W.M.&C.Q (Wrexham, Mold and Connah's Quay Railway) siding at this point.

It was then loaded onto waggons for general distribution.

When local coal-mining ceased, coal waggons from other areas (specially from the Wrexham area) were shunted to this wharf and loaded into tram boxes for the nearby brickworks.

The tramway box-waggons which carried bricks, however, continued as far as the curved head-on wharfs. Here, loaded trams were placed on special "shipping" railway waggons.

It was necessary to provide separate loading wharfs in order to prevent bricks from being contaminated with coal-dust.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1990

Month = August

Landscape = Industrial

Transport = Streetcar

Work = Transport

Extra = 1990s

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