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78, Brunswick Road"

78, Brunswick Road, Buckley


This photo is on page 63 of the "Bwlce Buckley", The Photograph Archive Series by Paul F. Mason, Flintshire Record Office.


CAPTION (from the above)


R. Roberts's fruit and vegetable shop, Brunswick Road, c.1925. Standing in front of the shop are, from left:

Lt. Hutchinson (Salvation Army)

Robert Roberts

His daugher, Miriam

Son, Robert (NB. Robin - ed)

and wife Eva.

Built in 1924 by Robert Roberts, it was a cobbler's and hairdresser's before becoming a pharmacy in 1956 when Jim Bentley acquired the premises.

Author: Mason, Paul


Year = 1925

Building = Commercial

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Work = Shops

Extra = 1920s

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