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Arthur Messham's adjudication"

Llangollen International Eisteddfod

July 1952

see 43.44 for certificate and 43.40 for adjudication




Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod

FINAL. Adjudication Form

Competition No: 7 for Tenor Solo

Name of Competitor: Arthur Messham



a) Voice was rather light for this big song and the rendering lacked fire and enthusiasm, except at the climax (last page) where he did very well. But he has not the vocal resources vitally necessary to give the song its inner meaning. Andante of last section. Too slow generally inadequate. Mark: 78



Remarkably sensitive performance of this song. Beautifully tender and thoughtful. Many impression passages. Inclined to linger unduly here and there. Enjoying the sensation of using his beautiful tender voice, rather than penetrating into the inner meaning of the sonnet. This excessive pulling up of the tempo had the effect of holding up inherent interest of the song. Viewed as a whole it was an arresting performance and exquisitely tender. Mark: 83


Total: 161


Signed: E. T. Davies


Envelope post-marked Llangollen, Denbighshire. 8.30 pm, 15 Jul 52 address to:

A. Messham

16 Hewitt's Lane



Author: Davies, E. T.


Year = 1952

Month = July

Event = Social/Entertainment

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = 1950s

Extra = Music

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