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Arthur Messham's adjudication form "

Llangollen International Eisteddfod

July 1952

see 43 .44 for certificate and 43.42 for adjudication




Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod

Adjudication Form

Competition No. : 7 for Tenor

Name of Competitor : Arthur Messham



The tempo was just right. You did not sound as if you wanted to "fly to my beloved". "Vengeance" part much better. Semi-quavers were hurried and P4 not quite accurate. A few top notes were rather forced and you sometimes scoop to them.

(Over page): See Marry a Maid. You gave us the right "lilt". But it was hardly legato enough. Diction fair. 82.


Marks: 81




Signed: Herbert Bardgett

Author: Bardgett, Herbert


Year = 1952

Month = July

Event = Social/Entertainment

Gender = Male

People = Single

Extra = 1950s

Extra = Music

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