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Brook Street"

Brook Street, Buckley


The houses in the block to the right are 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10 Brook Street.


Mr. Thomas John Shone and his wife, to whom he always referred as 'Polly Dear,' lived in 86 Chester Road, Buckley until his death. My Mother was their next door neighbour at 84, Chester Road. I can't remember the date he died but he left me 'ten bob' (ten shillings or 50p in today's currency).

In the picture, the opening next to Mr. Pritchard's house gave onto three cottages which stood at right angles to Brook Street behind the former Prince of Wales pub which was burned down. Numbered houses in Brook Street then continued to the junction with Brickfields, with the Chapel forming the opposite corner.

Mr. Shone owned all the above mentioned houses and he had a nephew who lived in one of them until all the occupants were re-housed.


The burnt-down Prince of Wales pub would have formed the left edge of the photo.

First house - J. Pritchard (Russell's dad)

Second house and shop - "Barney" Wood (cigs and sweets)

Third house - family tenanted

Fourth house - Mrs Ivy Moore and family(Charley, Frank, Eileen etc.), owner of the third house


Higginson's chip shop with Crompton's house behind and access to remainder of row in photo.

Neville Fox's late wife, Lilian Edwards, live at No.16. The eldest daughter of the late Mr George Edwards. Mrs Edwards died in 1942. The two other daughters were Mary and Linda and son, Jack.

Jack Whormsley lived in this row at no. 18.



Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918 - 2010


Year = 1970

Building = Domestic

Landscape = Urban

Extra = 1970s

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