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Enoch Hughes' cottage in Drury Lane"

11, Drury Lane, Drury, Buckley


(The following notes were received from Jane Williams concerning this photo)


We think that Charlie Connah took the cottage in June 1949 as I have a similar picture with that written on the back. We think that the photo was taken by Charlie Connah and it is most definitely my great, great uncle Enoch Hughes sitting down, who lived there with his wife Sarah Hughes. He is mentioned in "Out of this Clay" by Dennis Griffiths (p.45), who affectionately implies my g.g. grandfather Charlie Hughes was a character. Also this cottage appears on p.5 of "Burntwood and Drury in Times Past".

I would query the date given but can't give an alternative.

Author: Williams, Jane


Year = 1940

Building = Domestic

Extra = Architecture

Extra = 1940s

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