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Silver Jubilee of George V and Queen Mary, May 6th, 1935"

Buckley Town Council Offices, Mold Road, Buckley

6 May 1935

My paternal grandfather, John Samuel Shone and his wife, Ellen Louise, lived in Highland Cottage (built c.1500), off Pentre Lane. He is mentioned on the Buckley Urban District Council board as being chairman in 1927 and rating office in 1935 (see 7.10). He ran a wheelwright's and undertaker's business (see 218.9 for an invoice). I remember that he always wore a trilby.


When he died in July or August 1950 and Ellen died a month later, my father, Samuel Leslie and his sister Elsie inherited the cottage, which they sold to the Edwards family from a farm in Padeswood. The mother, Margaret, lived in the cottage until she died. She had about ten children. In 1934, my father built the house now in front of the cottage. All that now remains of the cottage is the "bottom bedroom", covered in ivy, with the rest demolished.


The following is taken from 139.76 - James Downey's WWI Tribunal Reports


September 7th 1916

John Samuel Shone (37), married, two children, The Common, Buckley, a wheelwright, asked for further exemption on the ground that his was a starred trade, and that it would be a hardship if he had to give up business. - Exemption was granted for one month, but he must seek work in a munition factory.


Author: Shone, Tony


Year = 1935

Month = May

Day = 6

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