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Letter to Edward Messham from Fritz Hellmutt - Part 1."

20 March 1947

Letter to Edward Messham from Fritz Hellmutt, an ex-German Prisoner-of-War who worked at Davison's Brickyard whilst imprisoned in the UK.

Part 1.

The whole of the letter is reproduced below. See 57.3 for part 2..


Halle, the 20. th . 3.47.


Dear Mister Matchen


I beg to you for exuse me, when I write but now after several weeks and redeem my promise. But I think you understand, that the first interest in these weeks was my wife and family after so long a time of absence.


But now I will tell to you how long I need to return to my home.


At the 1st. Dec.1946 I left England from Hull and arrived Cuxhaven near Hamburg on the next day. From this town I went with the train to the next station, " Munster-Lager" this is a camp for ex-prisoners near Hannover.- And then I crossed the Russian Zone border near Gottingen at the 12 st Dec.46.


So far we had a good dealing and feed. And now I thought all is done Christmas you're at home - but the russians thought otherwise. We could not at home first we must for 14 days in a"quarantine" - camp.


In the morning of the last day 1946 I was in Halle and home at last. My wife was full of gladness that we was now together- and we hope for ever! She was in joy of all the good things I brought home coffee, cacao , soap and so on, all these things the people in Germany knows only with the name. And for this, dear Mister Matchen I thank you in all the time, because you helped me to make my wife some festival days. I would be thankful when you would help me now and then to surprise my wife with this here unattainable things.


In two month she has birthday and I would be glad if you could help me to present her coffee and other things. Isn't it possible to send me some? - I would be glad to help you in any way too, but is this possible?


Dear Sir, you mustn't be think that I be pretending to you, but we have nothing than to hope for a better time. Some days we have nothing to eat but potatoes and salt. This is a bad time for us, I think when I was a prisoner in America and England I had a better feed! -


Dear Sir, I hope you are contented with me and answer to me !


I give my compliments to you and your wife and always be your


Fritz Hellmutt


ex prisoner of war from the Camp Buckley

Author: Hellmutt, Fritz


Year = 1947

Month = March

Day = 20

Gender = Male

People = Couple

Extra = WW2

Extra = 1940s

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