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Mount Pool"

Mount Pool, Etna Park, Buckley

30 September 1989

In 1986, a protest was organised by parents when it was feared that rubble from British Nuclear Fuels' plant in Capenhurst was sending rubble to be dumped in the Mount Pit clay hole, later to become Mount Pool. BNFL stated then that the rubble was no more dangerous than ordinary building waste.


In July 2008, it was reported that traces of uranium had been found by the charity, Emission Watch, after monitoring equipment set up in 2005 to measure emissions from Castle Cement. Two monitors had been set up in Spon Green and in the south of Buckley. No conclusions had been made as to where the uranium was coming from. The current Mayor, John Thornton, had asked the Environment Agency to investigate. Further analysis had to be carried out.

Author: Anon


Year = 1989

Month = September

Day = 30

Landscape = Urban

Extra = 1980s

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