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Ordnance Survey Map of the Padeswood Area"

Padeswood, Buckley


The Jump Colliery acquired its name as being one of three sites called the 'Hop Skip and the Jump' which were situated close to each other in that area.


Research shows that the site of the Jump Colliery was purchased from the then owner of Bistre Farm John Price in 1871.


In 1874 John Price sold it to Padeswood United Cannel Coal and Iron Company, Liverpool.


On the 15th. of June 1874 a resolution was confirmed increasing the capital to £50,000.


In 1889 Lords of Bacup, Cotton Manufacturers were named as the owners and a conveyance in 1890 shows the colliery transferred from the Coal Company to Mrs. Sarah Lloyd for the sum of £4000.


In 1896 Padeswood United Coal Company went into voluntary liquidation


It must have been a very busy pit as the spoil heap covered at least three acres and even after the Castle Fire Brick Company carried spoil away for brickmaking for about four years, there was still a huge heap left at the site.


Over a period of time hedgecuttings had been deposited in a cutting in the bank of the spoil and on setting fire to them the bank caught fire. It burned for at least three years, the red shale left behind was carried away by Frank Whitley for hard core under a car park in Ash Grove, Shotton. The red shale was still hot as it was being conveyed and the wooden sides of one waggon singed from the heat.






Author: Fisher, Bill, 1922


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