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Ewloe Barn Brickworks closes"

Ewloe Barn Brickworks, Buckley


see 17.46 for an account of the brickworks in the Flintshire County Handbook for c.1960.


In March 1976, G. R. Stein Refractories Limited announced the closure of Ewloe Barn Brickworks with the loss of about 70 jobs. No orders had been received from mid-February and the situation had been desperate for the preceding twelve months due to a recession in the building industry, which was having an impression on the cement industry.


The normal production at the works a the time was about 12,000 heat-resistant bricks for the cement manufacturing industry annually. This news came at a time of high unemployment in the area - 8%, which was the highest on record.


The lastest population figure for Buckley (1971) was 11,882.

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Year = 1977

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