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View down Chester Road"

Chester Road, Buckley

21 November 2003

See 9.2 for photo of The Crown Vaults

See 65.20 for a photo of Samuel A. Peters' butcher's shop

Follow then hot spots under Wainwright, Walter for the greengrocer's shop


The right-end edge of the photo shows Buckley Memorials' showroom. The next building was the Crown Vaults public house of the Humphreys family with the London Meat Company's shop at the right end. Mr Humphreys had three daughters, Clarice, Winnie and ?, and one son. Winnie was the youngest of them all. She was involved in many of the pantomimes.


The whole ground floor was occupied by Buckley Memorials. This is the pub which straddled two licensing authorities' boundaries.


The door in the next building was Sam Peters' butcher's shop (photo p.70 in the "Buckley" photo book). Next door was Walter Wainwright's fruit and vegetable shop. The whole building is now The Shamrock public house. At the left of the block was The Pied Bull public house of Mr Dick Davison.

Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 2003

Month = November

Day = 21

Building = Commercial

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