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Gems X Catalogue Superstore, Chester Road, Buckley

21 November 2003

See 1.57 for photo of John Rogers' butcher's shop

See 21.12 for 1953 advert of John Skillicorn's grocer's; and 65.17 for photo of the shop

See 6.69 for 1921 advert of Beattie's shoe shop and 6.30 for 1927 advert


This block was known as "Springfield", with shops each end and a house between them. The shop on the right of the photo started as John Rogers' butcher's and appears on p.66 of the "Buckley" photograph book with a wrong caption. Later the house and shop belonged to Mr J. Skillicorn, grocer. The shop at the left of the block was Beattie's footwear shop before becoming a petfood store.


The stone on the left hand side states: Buckley Memorials. The business has moved (3.2004) from Lane End to one of the industrial estates in Buckley.



Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 2003

Month = November

Day = 21

Building = Commercial

Work = Shops

Extra = 2000s

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