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Castle Firebrick Company's Elm Brickworks, also known as Castle New Works (Top Yard)"

Elm Brickworks, Buckley




This was one of two manufacturers known as the Castle Brick Works. They were classified by many as "Alletson's" - referring to the original, and Elm referring to the latter construction. This latter consisted of closed sheds with continuous kilns of the Hoffman type. The fires ran into one of the three very tall chimneys. This latter works appears to have been constructed under the ownership of John Summers & Sons (purchased in 1916).


The main works were established by G. H. Alletson in 1865. It was limited by 1875 and the firm already owned the Castle Brickworks plus Bottom Colliery, Northop Hall Colliery and Tramway. Of its seven directors, five came from Waterford, one from Kilkenny and Alletson himself.

Author: Bentley, James


Year = 1980

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