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Survey Plan of Liverpool House, outbuildings and yard: Buckley's Duke of York Tunnel: legend or fact? by Neville Dunn: Fig 2"

Liverpool House, Brunswick Road, Buckley




Fig.2. Survey plan of Liverpool House, outbuildings and yard - 1969 (with acknowledgement to R. W. Harvey, RIBA, lately County Architect, Clwyd County Council).


See 96.1 for the main document for which this entry is Fig.2. (Liverpool House stood on the site of The Duke of York Inn. The fire station currently stands there.)


"Buckley's Duke of York Inn Tunnel- Legend or Fact?"

by Neville Dunn.




Author: Dunn, Neville


Year = 1969

Building = Domestic

Document = Map

Work = Construction

Extra = 1960s

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