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Buckley Urban District Council letter to Joe Chesters"

Buckley Town Council Offices, Mold Road, Buckley

21 November 1972

The exhibition contained 33 oils, watercolours, pencil and pen and ink drawings, none of which were for sale.


The catalogue contained the following short biography:


Born 1946. Eldest son of a retired Buckley plumber. Educated at Elfed Secondary Modern School and began work in Buckley's brick industry at the age of fifteen. A self-taught artist in oils and watercolour, he first began to take an interest in art in 1968. A working and founder member of the Buckley Art Society, he is winner and holder of the T. Dempster Jones Silver Palette Award for Fine Art 1972. The artist is also a member of the Flint and District Art Society and the Clwydian Art Society, Ruthin. He has exhibited once before at this gallery with group work in 1970. His greatest ambition as an artist is to record the WHOLE of Snowdonia in oils and watercolour as well as North Wales in general, a task on which he has started this year.


The press articles state that he lived in Nant Mawr and had taken up painting four years previously. One of his mates on the refuse cart said: " He's a real fanatic. But he's good and I don't know what he's doing working with us when he can paint like that."


see elsewhere on this archive for some of his paintings

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