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Entrance to Dozers' Fowd, also known as Mount Terrace"

Buckley Tyre Centre, Chester Road, Buckley

21 November 2003

See Buckley Magazine Issue 32, p.29 - "Beating the Bounds of the Manor of Ewloe" by Mervyn E. Foulkes and Ken Lloyd Gruffydd.

The article quotes a manuscript from c. 1650. "...'and a Blue stone in Sparkes fould'. Here we have another typical Buckley pronunciation in fould for 'field' (not 'fold').


Mr Atkin, the proprietor of Buckley Tyres, stated that Mount Terrace ran sideways onto the main road towards where the Tyre Centre is. There is a cast iron manhole there in the middle of the alley to the Centre with "Pentre Saeson Foundry" stamped on it. Mr Atkin reckoned that it dates from the time when the terrace was standing.


Peter Kelsall states that the 1911 census lists 11 families in Mount Terrace and that the addresses were between the Blue Bell pub and the entrance to Church Road, confirming Mr Atkin's information.


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Author: Davies, Paul


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