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Block of businesses in 2 to 12, Chester Road"

Chester Road, Buckley

21 November 2003

This shows 2 - 12 Chester Road. The former businesses in these buildings, from the right, were as follows:

No. 2 - Newsagent - variously owned (See 28.60)

No.4 - Iredale's Cakes and Bakery, then W. George G. Roberts

No.6 - Bells' Grocers

No.8 - Carey H. Davies' Dentist Surgery

No. 10 - Miss Davies' Baby Linen; then - Melia's Grocers

No. 12 - A. Edwards' Tobacconist and Sweets; then - Fred Catherall's Bookmakers

The fenced area is the site of the Palace Cinema, Lane End Post Office, Printers, and Billiard Hall owned by the Cropper family.


For a photo of Melia's in the 1930s, see p. 65 of "Buckley, Archives Photographs series" by Paul F. Mason, pub. Flintshire Record Office. The shop closed in the 1960s.


Hill's Newsagents was closed in 2003.


See 28.60 for further notes on the businesses up the hill from the Palace Cinema.

Follow the hot spots under Bell's Grocers for adverts


Author: Hayes, John Eric, 1918


Year = 2003

Month = November

Day = 21

Building = Commercial

Landscape = Urban

Work = Shops

Extra = 2000s

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