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Diagram of Wilf Owens' Penny Farthing"


This page is taken from the Coventry Machinists' Company illustrated catalogue of the "Club" Bicycles and Tricycles.





With Patent Non-vibrating Rubber Suspension Springs.

This machine continues to hold its place as the most perfect Roadster of the day. For excellence of finish, quality of material, beauty of outline, and comfort in riding, it is still without a rival. We have this year introduced an improvement in the forks by making them slightly wider, which not only improves the appearance of the machine, but prevents all chance of twist at the bearings. Judging from our own experience, and the opinions of the most competent riders, the 'Special Club' as a sound Roadster, is as near perfection as it is possible to make a bicycle. We invite our readers to go carefully through the specification and note the many important and valuable specialities which distinguish it from other bicycles.


Specification. - Improved Patent Rubber Suspension Spring for the prevention of Metallic Vibration. - Fluted Hollow Front and Back Forks. - Elliptical Backbone. Double Ball Bearings to Front Wheel. - Adjustable Ball Bearings to Back Tyres. - Patent Detachable Cranks, very near, simple and effective. - Steel Hubs with Patent Lock-nutted Spokes. - Front Wheel Grip Lever Brake. - 24 or 26 inch Bent Handle-bar, Horn Ends. Painted in Two Colours or Enamelled Plain Black.



48in., £17. 50in., £17.10s. 52in., £18. 54in., £18.10s. 56in., £19.

Odd sizes, or any size above 56in., made to order, at an extra charge of 10s. for every one or two inches.

Complete with Rubber or Rat-trap Cone Pedals, Patent Suspension Saddle, Plated Spanners and Oilcan.

Extras. - Nickelling No1., all bright parts, £1.10s., No.2, all over except felloes, £3.10s., No.3, all over, £4.10s., Ball pedals, £1; gold lines, 10s.6d., ditto, felloes only, 5s., 7/8th in. and ¾ in. tyres, 17s.6d., lined on enamel, 7s.6d.




Author: Coventry Machinists’ Company


Year = 1900

Document = Ephemera

Transport = Bicycle

Extra = 1900s

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