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Padeswood and Buckley Railway Station"

Padeswood and Buckley Railway Station, Padeswood, Buckley


A water tank was situated on the embankment on the Mold side of the station and my father Albert Ernest Griffiths and his brother Edward John Griffiths used to jump off the bridge into the tank to cool off on a hot day. I they were found out they got a good hiding from either my Grandfather or the Station Staff.


The tank was there for the branch line engines on the Coed Talon run to fill up with water.


I had a friend who was a Fireman on the Coed Talon Line working from Mold Junction Shed around the First World War period, the line was very steep on the other side of Pontblyddyn and he used to have to sit on the buffer beam and pour sand on the rails. He was always petrified of a runaway.

Author: Griffiths, Eddie


Year = 1926

Building = Bridge

Gender = Male

People = Group

Transport = Rail

Work = Transport

Extra = 1920s

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