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Chris Fenney's carousel at the switching on of the Christmas lights"

Mold Road, Buckley

27 November 2003

Mr Fenney's carousel was at the Buckley Town Council ceremony to switch on the Christmas lights. See 21.43 for the flier for the event.


Chris Fenney's father bought the carousel in Chesterfield and Mr Fenney continued with its restoration over about ten years, a labour of love, finishing it in July 2003. His uncle helped with the wood-turning on the wheels for the cars. It has about 150 pieces and probably dates from the early 1900s. Mr Fenney and his wife can erect it in just under an hour, needing a bit longer if the event is at night and needs lights. The carousel's first outing was to Llangollen, but it was at the Buckley bonfire night on the Higher Common. The horses are named after family members and the carousel is turned by hand by means of a large wheel a bit like a mangle. The wording around the top says: "WALES FINEST HANDTURNED SCENIC JUVENILE BOBBIES ON TOUR FOR YOUR PLEASURE."

Author: Anon


Year = 2003

Month = November

Day = 27

Event = Social/Entertainment

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Work = Public Service

Extra = Entertainment

Extra = 2000s

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