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The baling of the grass on Lower Common"

Lower Common, Buckley

20 October 2003

As part of the management strategy for the Buckley commons, in Autumn 2003 the Middle and Lower Commons had the grass cut, baled and removed in order to maintain the impoverished nature of the soil for the heathland plants. The work was carried out over a few days and many bales were removed from each of the commons.


Also, during late 2003 and Spring 2004, eight years of willow growth was removed from one of the ponds as part of a programme by Flintshire County Council to encourage greater crested newts.


Buzzards are increasingly seen flying over Buckley, their mewing being clearly heard. On 12th March 2005 at 6.30 pm, four buzzards were seen wheeling and swooping over the common: they eventually made their way in the direction of Brookhill.


In late 2004, the management work continued by the Countryside Rangers. Trees were cut down and thinned, ponds exposed and lots of brash removed in order to open up the land for the heath plants and the ponds for the amphibians.


And what would the local press have made of the destination of the trees and brash from the site?





Phil Hodges, Buckley's Countryside Ranger, admitted today that rhino, giraffe and elephants were systematically munching their way through the branches and logs from the common. "They are very fond of this sort of food," he said, " and they have been treated to the finest that Buckley can supply. Elephants love to strip bark off logs."


Mr Hodges omitted to mention that the wood had been transported off-site before being eaten - to Chester Zoo!


13th November 2006 - willow bashing started.

11th October 2007 - grass cutting.

April 2008 - grass cut with tractor.

End September 2009 - grass cut and baled on all three Commons.

Author: Shone, Carol


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