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The Buckley Society Magazine Issue Six: A Mynydd Isa Arrowhead by K. Lloyd Gruffydd"

Pine Grove, Mynydd Isa

January 1981

Buckley Society Magazine Issue Six. January 1981.

A Mynydd-Isa Arrowhead






The flint was discovered by Mr. Mayfield, 14 Pine Grove, Mynydd-Isa (SJ 263642), whilst digging his garden in March 1978. It is bifacially worked, slender, leaf-shaped dart point with a slightly convex to rounded base; most probably made as an arrowhead during the late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age, i.e. the period 4,000 -1,000 B.C.


Mr. H.S. Green, Assistant Keeper of Archaeology at the National Museum of Wales, in a letter (8 May 1978) notes that the stone 'could have come from the North Wales coast'. He adds, however, that 'it is a little unusual, and is just possibly an ethnographic type, accidentally dropped by a recent collector'. The latter possibility is doubtful, though, in view of the fact that it was retrieved from a depth of 50 - 60 cm in land that had previously been pasture since its original enclosure early in the nineteenth century. It is thought to have been deep-ploughed once soon after the First World War.




Author: Gruffydd, Ken Lloyd


Year = 1981

Month = January

Object = Tools & Equipment

Extra = Pre 1900

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