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Etna Park, Buckley

17 October 1999

As part of a wild flower walk on 5th June 2004, Phil Hodges, the Buckley Ranger, included Etna. Below is a list of the flowers and plants Phil pointed out to us. Etna Park is the best site in Flintshire for the grass vetchling. Etna is the highest point in Buckley at 520 feet.

Bog beanCloverColumbineGuelder RoseGrass vetchlingKnapweedLady's BedstrawMugwortOx eye daisyRagged robinReed grassRibbed mellilotRough chervilSorrelVetchesYellow rattle

Author: Shone, Carol


Year = 1999

Month = October

Day = 17

Event = Historic

Gender = Male

Landscape = Cultivated

People = Group

Work = Public Service

Extra = 1990s

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