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Parry's Brickworks Clay Pit"

Parry's Brickworks, Buckley

March 1994



In July 2005, Parry's Clayhole was the subject of a planning application for landfill. Robin Jones & Sons commissioned AMEC Earth and Environmental UK to carry out an assessment of the environmental impact of up to 200,000 square metres of landfill material. The land would eventually be restored and landscaped.


In Autumn 2006, Robin Jones & Sons submitted another application with an environmental study. The application was to tip 100,000 tons of domestic, commercial and industrial waste a year for 15 years, although the volume would be increased to reduce the time. Tree planting would take place. In 2006 the quarry was still in operation, extracting clay and shale for civil engineering and construction industries. Prior to this, the quarry was leased to the Alltami Fishing Club before the former owners, Hanson, resumed extraction. Great Crested Newts were recorded in the quarry some ten years or so ago and some mitigation measures were put in place when this happened.


The tip would be worked alongside the quarry. The firm said that a public exhibition would take place.


Mid 2007

Denis Morgan Group owned the site and, having formed a partnership with AD Waste, submitted a plan for a multi-million pound waste managment centre to replace Brookhill (due to close by the end of March 2008 at the latest). The centre would include recycling facilities and landfill.


A public enquiry was held and, in February 2009, the Welsh Assembly Government gave the go-ahead for the tip. There had been fierce local opposition to yet another large land-fill operation in Buckley. The firm was given permission to dump about 1.5 m tonnes of non-hazardous and domestic waste over 15 years, starting 2011.


July 2010 AD Waste was dissolved and the applicant changed to Brock plc.


September 2010

A decision to allow a second landfill site at Stony Beach Quarry on the opposite side of the road to Parry's for a soil recycling centre and residual waste, applied for by Brock plc, was deferred. Brock plc owned the land and would operate the centre, which would include a commercial and industrial waste materials recycling facility (up to 50,000 tonnes per year), a construction waste recycling facility, a contaminated soils treatment facility and a non-hazardous landfill of 1.7 million cubic metres, plus energy generation for landfill gas. The site would generate 86 vehicle trips per day.


The decision to defer was based on the argument that the amount of material going to landfill is to be reduced in Flintshire by 70% by 2025 thereby resulting in both landfill sites working for many years, instead of one being filled and the land being restored.


August 2013

The appeal against the decision to refuse planning permission at the Stony Beach Quarry (Brock plc) site was dismissedafter a week long hearing. The application was for a commercial and industrial materials recycling facility, a construction waste materials recycling facility and a contaminated soils treatment facility.


September/ October 2013

By this date, the Parry's site was not yet operational and planning permission was to run out in February 2014. RSJ Civil Engineering Ltd made an application to Natural Resources Wales for an environmental permit, required before work could begin. Natural Resources Wales held a drop-in session for the public at the Beaufort Park Hotel on October 8th so that people could give their views and find information on the permitting process. The site had been for sale for some time at this point.


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