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The Millenium edition of the Buckley and Mold Art Society's newsletter, 'Society Forum'"


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SOCIETY FORUM 1900 - 2000

"One Hundred Years of Art"

Buckley and Mold Art Society Newsletter.

Volume 4. No.15. Millennium Edition


Editorial - Joe Chesters

All articles but one by Joe

Article - The Revolution begins

" - Into the 20th Century ... Come Hell or High Water!

" - Ansell Adams

" - A British 20th Century

" - A Non-Real Real World

" - On Art

" - Character

" - Nadie se Conoce

" - What is art to me and why do I practice it? by John D. Edwards (Chairman)

All other articles by Joe Chesters


I would like to say, before space runs out, that after six and a half years of having a jolly good bit of fun in making an age old arts society idea of 1973 into a reality of the 1990s (1993, April), this edition of "Society Forum" will be my last. It all began with "Artyfacts" and now, hopefully, it is the turn of others with different ideas. I feel I have run the ideas well a bit dry and I can see the spectre of repetition looming silently, so, come the AGM, "Society Forum" is up for grabs, and in whatever form it takes, I wish it well as we go into 2000,



Author: Chesters, Joe


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