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Jug made in Powell's Pottery"

Powell's Pottery, Pentre Lane, Buckley

3 May 1903

This 4" high jug was made at Powell's Pottery by Pryce Jones. Ruth Jones was his eldest daughter and her name is on the other side of the jug.


Pryce Jones went to work at Powells' Pottery as an apprentice in his early teens. Then he worked at the Willow Pottery where Jewsons is now (2004). Willow Pottery was owned by William Wilson from Drury. His son was Jack and I was his other daughter. I left school at 14 to work for my father. They started to make fire grates at the Willow Pottery.


My father then took over Powell's Pottery and he managed it until his retirement aged about 74. He was 76 when he died. Powell's was closed before the Second World War and I worked there until its closure.

Author: Tyson, Sally


Year = 1903

Month = May

Day = 3

Object = Visual Art

Work = Light Industry

Extra = Visual Arts

Extra = 1900s

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