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Ken Mitchell receives a well deserved gift from the Buckley Society"

Hawkesbury Community Centre, Mill Lane, Buckley

9 January 2004

Ken Mitchell had recently retired as the Buckley Society's treasurer after over twenty five years. At the meeting on Friday 9th January 2004, Ken was presented by Phil Hodges, vice-chairman, with an engraved glass tankard as a token of the group's appreciation for all his hard work over the years. Ken's wife read out a speech for Ken in which he expressed his thanks and the amount of enjoyment he had gained during his membership of the society.


The meeting that night was well-attended with over 70 people present to hear a excellent talk with slides by Brian Bennett on "Aud Buckley". Many of the images used by him are on this archive and the rest will be on in due course if the Comma team have anything to do with it! Brian, not a native of Buckley, did an excellent job of conveying the richness of Buckley life.

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Year = 2004

Month = January

Day = 9

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People = Couple

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