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Jean Chesters tutors at a Buckley and Mold Art Society meeting"

Elfed High School, Mill Lane, Buckley

20 November 1992

On Friday 20th, of November's meeting of the Buckley and Mold Art Society Mrs Jean Chesters gave an evening talk and demonstration on ideas designing and making seasonal greetings cards for Christmas.


Jean began by introducing members to cards designed by herself and other local artists. The variety of media used ranged from pencil, coloured pencils, pen and ink, watercolours, felt pen inks, wood and lino cut, etching, collage, photo montage, and straight photography.

A speciality was the designing and making of a Victorian Christmas card whose image changed as it was slid betwen fine bars over its surface.

Members then undertook the task of creating their own seasonal works which will be carried over into the group's next meeting.

The society welcomed new members Ian MacFarlane, Deiana Parry, Mike Lewton, and Warren Armstrong.

Members present were: Joseph I. Chesters, Rhona Owen, Andrew Warr, Deiana Parry, Iolanthe Read, Pamela Townsend, Michael Porter, Ian MacFarlane, and Warwick Armstrong.

The nest meeting is on Friday27th November at 7.00 pm in the art department of the Elfed School.

Author: Chesters, Joe


Year = 1992

Month = November

Day = 20

Building = School

Event = Leisure

Gender = Female

People = Group

Extra = 1990s

Extra = Visual Arts

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