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Elm Colliery Rescue Brigade"

Elm Colliery, Buckley


see "Bwcle-Buckley", the Archive Photograph series by Paul Mason, Flintshire Record Office. p.96. In this caption, John Hughes is named as W. Hopwood Iball.


"The provision of central rescue stations in all British coalfields became compulsory under special regulations in the 1911 Coal Mines Act, enacted in 1913-14. The "Proto" rescue equipment, seen above, had been developed from 1907."


T. J. Roberts - Brigade Captain

John Thomas Hopwood - Colliery Undermanager

W. C. A. Collin - Colliery Manager



Author: Mason, Paul


Year = 1920

Gender = Male

People = Group

Work = Mining

Extra = 1920s

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