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Carol Shone helps with the exhibition of the Buckley and Mold Art Society"

Library, The Precinct, Buckley

4 July 1994

The Buckley and Mold Art Society held an exhibition annually at the library. The standard of the paintings and of the organisation was always very high. As Community Librarian, I enjoyed working with the Society on these occasions and the exhibitions were extremely popular. This photo shows the old display boards which were heavy to lug about and the metal rods which served their time over the years before being replaced when the upper space was reorganised to house the new heritage centre on local government reorganisation in April 1996. The gallery moved to the other side of the room and was clad to a professional standard. This meant that all pictures then had to be mirror-plated to the walls. This shows how we did it in the "old days"!

Author: Shone, Carol


Year = 1994

Month = July

Day = 4

Building = Public

Event = Leisure

Gender = Mixed

People = Group

Extra = 1990s

Extra = Visual Arts

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