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Ian Walton completes a sky for an aviation painting at a demonstration for the Buckley and Mold Art Society"

Elfed High School, Mill Lane, Buckley

20 January 1994



On Thursday evening of the 20th of January 1994 The Buckley and Mold Art Society had as its guest speaker Mr. Ian Walton of Buckley. He was introduced by the society's publicity officer Mr J. Chesters. Ian is a professional artist whose work has many times gone into limited edition prints and he comes from a family of artists and drew the inspiration to paint from his grandfather on his mother's side, whilst his grandfather on his father's side of the family was a companion of Stanhope Forbes R.A. in Newlyn, Cornwall. The evening began with a talk about the importance of skies in landscape and seascape painting, but more so in relationship with his own work of aviation subjects which stems from his other love, gliding and flying. Demonstrating on a 30" x 40" canvas Ian completed a full cumulus sky study for an aviation picture within two hours. He stressed the importance of the limited palette, and that the highlights he brought into clouds gradually, and not be put in heavily in one go. He also emphasised "work subtly and not like a bull at a gate", explaining what makes clouds and their varieties. "Cumulus clouds grow for around twenty minutes, and then decay…ragged underneath cloud is decaying cloud and the cause and decay is thermal". Ian was thanked by the chairman, Mr J.Edwards. The society welcomed four guests for the evening, Tom Davies, Bert Miller, and Colin Foden from the Broughton Thursday Art Group and Steve Rowley from Connahs Quay. The next meeting will be on February 3rd and will be taken by Annette Reynolds B.A.Honours on the subject of portraiture. Members at tonight's meeting were: Pam Townsend, Glenda Taylor, Ian McFarlane, John Edwards, Pat Edwards, Rhona Owen, William Howe, Joe Chesters, Jean Chesters, Tina Tyndall, Jenny McIntyre, David Williams, Barbara Harrison, Barbara Rowley, Iolanthe Read, Dennis Northover, Joyce Avis and Haley Rowley.


Author: Chesters, Joe


Year = 1994

Month = January

Day = 20

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