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Breezy Day on the Strip:Knowl Hill ... oil on canvas by Joe Chesters"

Knowl Hill, Buckley


The following quote is taken from "Flora Britannica - the definitive new guide to wild flowers, plants and trees" by Richard Mabey: Chatto and Windus, 1996.

ISBN 1 85619 3772. Page 159. From the section on Heather - Calluna vulgaris.

It is attributed in the book to James Robertson (Page 460 - column 3, note 6). However, it is locally believed that James Bentley also contributed this information to the publication.


"Bricks used to be taken from Buckley by tram-road to Connah's Quay, wrapped in straw to avoid breakages. When foot and mouth threatened exports to Ireland, because of a ban on straw, a trade was created for heather as a substitute. This was gathered from the hills around Buckley and heaped up at the brickyards ready for use. There are still patches of heather beside the former tram-road and on old coal banks around Knowl Hill."





Author: Robertson, James


Year = 1993

Landscape = Industrial

Object = Visual Art

Extra = 1990s

Extra = Visual Arts

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