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The Mountain Pool has a facelift"

Mountain Pool, Higher Common, Buckley

July 2003

In the summer of 2003, both the Higher Common and Globe Pools had extensive work carried out organised by the Flintshire Countryside Service, the Environment Agency, the Buckley Common Consultative Group and the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, who did most of the work. The Welsh Assembly sponsored a sustainable fisheries programme and this has enabled improved access, fishing pegs and swims. There is a special platform for disabled people. The islands have been reinstated and the work was carried out with minimum disturbance to wildlife. It is intended that the scheme will improve the angling opportunities in Buckley, especially for young people.


On the lower end of the Higher Common by Park Walk boundary markers have been placed to stop parking. Markers to prevent parking have also been placed on Higher Common Road.


A few days after Christmas 2004, the Deeside Urban Wildlife Group walked round the Heritage Trail and ended up in Higher Close where they were treated to the sight of a flock of waxwings feeding on Rowan berries. There had been quite a few sightings of this shy bird around the area at this time.


In February 2007, Flintshire Local Access Forum (FLAF) wanted better facilites for the disabled on the Common. They stated that access points were inadequate in the Bryn Road area ( Lower Common) and they sent a letter to Flintshire County Council asking for action at the same time as asking for backing from the Countryside Council for Wales and the Buckley Common Consultative Group.


In March 2009, it was reported that the play area had been reopened by Flintshire County Council, following extensive refurbishment; the surface had been re-laid with a safer material. The scheme included a large multi-play structure with a stainless steel tunnel slide, climbing walls and a spacenet. There was also a tyre swing, seesaw, playground markings of snakes and ladders, a fitness and activity trail, a dart board, and a seating and picnic area for families. The cost had been met from FCC and contributions from nearby housing developments.


In mid January 2010, the weather was so cold that the pond froze over. Children began to walk out onto the ice here and on The Trap Pool. It was reported that this was a dangerous thing to do as the ice may have capsized at any time. However, there were no injuries.


In July 2013, residents contacted Assembly Member, Carl Sargeant, over the conditions of some parts of the common, namely undergrowth attracting anti-social behaviour such as illegal fishing, camping in trees and bushes and littering. He stated that he had written to Flintshire County Council and the Police about the matter.

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