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The Buckley brick corniche at Doha"

Doha, Qatar


In February 1984, a consignment of Buckley Bricks was shipped from Castle Fire Brick Company, then called Butterley's, to Doha. Doha was a pearl fishing community before the oil revenue started rolling in and part of the new-found wealth went on the construction of a huge, eight mile or so corniche out of Buckley brick! The shipment was accompanied by Colin Davies, from Ewloe Green. Albert Fox told me about the consignment. At the time my daughter, Robina's husband was working and the family were living in Doha. When I informed them of the arrival of Mr Davies and the bricks, they met him and invited him for a meal, which he accepted. This photo was taken about ten years after it was built. The Sheraton Hotel is in the background.



Author: Roberts, Gladys Lloyd


Year = 1994

Gender = Female

Landscape = Urban

People = Couple

Work = Construction

Extra = 1990s

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