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The Tivoli, one of a series of six postacrds in a souvenir folder PLUS text on The Central Hall"

Tivoli, Brunswick Road, Buckley




Some wartime memories from 1939 onwards.


When it was a cinema, I recall the Saturday ritual of taking my brother and sister to the matinee performance. They would only be three years old and the baby. It was normal practice for the eldest child to take care of the younger children and accompany them to such places. It would be the highlight of the week after school. We paid 6d. (in old money) for a cartoon, a cowboy film and the best of all, which we could hardly wait for, the next instalment of Flash Gordon and his archenemy, Ming.


When we were older, we could only be admitted to see an A film with an adult. So we used to wait outside for anyone to come along who were old enough and ask them to take us in. The management knew we all did this, but we weren't stopped from seeing the film.


Also the Buckley Pantomime was held there, which was wonderful. People came from far and wide to see it. In later years, before it became a nightclub, I remember they held wrestling matches there: the original British wrestling, not this American style they have now.

Happy Days!


Author: Cassar, Edna


Year = 1930

Building = Commercial

Document = Greeting Card

Landscape = Urban

Extra = 1930s

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