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Letters to Anne Boyle, Publicity Officer, Buckley Theatre Club from Noel Davies


Herne Bay,


December 1985.


Dear Anne Boyle,

With reference to your memo in "The Chronicle" of Friday 20th September last, concerning 'The Buckley Pantomime'.

I well remember the tremendous activity in general, but in particular at our house, No.3, Lambs Lane, Lane End, Buckley, when in addition to our usual musical activity, and the Vaudeville Dance Orchestra, of which both my parents were directors including playing leaders (Main pianoforte, and Dad trumpet and violin), and in which my brother Donald, and I played as percussionist and clarinet/saxophonist instrumentalist respectively during the late '30's early '40's era, with the run into 'The Pantomime' each year involvement of our Mam in rehearsal with Peggy Griffiths, and many others of course, both at 'The Hut' the Ex-Service Mens' Institute in Church Road, and Parry's now the Conservative Club in Liverpool Road, Buckley - with the 'Hut' now sadly gone, also 'The Parish Rooms' now also sadly gone sited with "All Saints Church," our beloved Church in Bistre Parish, but also her late father Johnny Griffiths trumpet player, and Noah relation also trombone player of Drury Lane, Buckley, and both members of the Pantomime Orchestra, with Latham and Jim Ellis, Elvet Rowlands violin also lead, and of course Dennis Griffiths writer/producer/conductor of that era with performances at the "Tivoli" in Brunswick Road, Buckley, and great contributions from many other strong Buckley personalities both on and off stage also 'front of house'.


I may be best remembered as the sax/clarinet player in the Pantomime Orchestra, also in the Vaudeville Dance Orchestra, and as free lance musician in the North West area playing with the likes of Billy Gibbons and his Broadcasting Band at that time, and my brother Donald playing vibraphone/xylophone also as a solo act on stage with the Pantomime productions. Both my sisters' - Olive and Dilys played piano and violin being a musical family, and were at one time known as 'The Family Band.'


Of course the war years changed our lives, and in an attempt to answer your question of "Where are they now? " notwithstanding the 'million years' in our life span from then to now, full of musical inheritance/activity with qualifications in other professional activities in our contributions to society at home and abroad. I live in Kent with my wife - a Padeswood girl Edith (nee-Edwards) of Bannel Farm - and our two sons Gareth and Glyn, my brother Donald with his wife and family in Torbay, Devon, Olive my eldest sister - now a widow - lives in Suffolk with a doctor son in Devon, and my youngest sister Dilys also extremely active in her world wide professional activities with hereditament, husband and family in Zurich, Switzerland.


We do visit Buckley regularly, and have continued to do so over the years, with nature having implanted in us what I believe to be a sacred attachment to our place of birth, with valuable, and priceless character upbringing due to our forebears, and dear parents Elizabeth Olive, and William Thomas Davies now at rest in Bistre Church Yard, Dad having passed away this time last year with us in Switzerland.


Every memory of Buckley is most dear, and precious to us, together of course with our active "Buckley Pantomime" experiences, on which we look back with great pride and joy, but as we get older comes sadness!


We are generally revitalized after being HOME to Buckley, and although this can only be a brief letting you know at least "Where we are now", must say that it is good to be given the opportunity through your good self, and everyone privileged to be associated with "The Buckley Pantomime Energies" past and present.


With our best wishes - Good Old Buckley,

Yours most sincerely, and with the compliments of the season to all,

N. Davies (Mr). ACEA., MIPR., PIBIM. (MD).


Anne Boyle, Publicity Officer, Buckley Theatre Club (25th Annual Pantomime) Buckley, Clwyd, N. Wales.


P.S. Trusting that you will accept this quick draft copy of this December 1985, because unless cleared to you now in some haste - will be 1986. I have just learned of the passing of my Aunt Laura - my mother's last remaining sister of 4, Lambs Lane, Buckley, leaving her two brothers Mr. R. Peters and Mr. G. Peters retired Headmasters of schools in the area. My father's family is of Leeswood with ancestry on his mother's side of nee Parry of the Welch Judge Parry side, with two sisters remaining, one in Newport, South Wales, and the other one in Australia, all musically talented with most supporting Buckley Pantomime at one time or other.


One can continue ad lib with names like Peter Wilcock, Alf Bell, Frank Roberts, Peggy Spencer, Doris Howell and so on --- The Royal Buckley Town Band, Shotton Steel Works Band, The Albert Hall, Buckley, Vaughan Hall, Shotton, The Buckley Jubilee, Choirs and Orchestras that were. It is often said that "Memories are made of Music" and I will subscribe to that! again and again ....


Herne Bay,



Dear Anne,

I am glad to have received the telephone call from Mr Joss Lloyd on Saturday 18th January last, and although he lives in Dukesfield Drive am not sure of the address.

Of course Mr Lloyd's name always came up over the years, and as such remember well, but I think about maybe 7-8 years ago when he was Band master of the Royal Buckley Band, and we were up for the Buckley Jubilee Jose "broke ranks" as it were to speak with Dad when the procession passed the, end of Lambs Lane - that was truly great to see them both together and chatting away - indeed a very happy moment for all!

As implied in my letter of December last to you, any accolades which have been enjoyed I feel belong to our Buckley Community, but one very great one was the honour for me as per the enclosed Press Cutting, with mention again this last December.

Since then there have been many more great experiences in the profession, which I attribute to my dear parents in particular, but in general to all in Buckley.

Yours sincerely,


N. Davies (Mr).

Anne Boyle, Publicity Officer,

Buckley Theatre Club (25th Annual Pantomime)



N. Wales.


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