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Rules of the Shepherds on the Mountain Lodge Friendly Society"

Bistre Parish Room, Chester Road, Buckley


see 86.1 for list of headings in the Rules


COVER TEXT is the same as for 86.1 except for the meeting place - Parish Room, Lane End, Buckley.

Printed by Cropper and Jones, Lane End.




Complete Amendment

Acknowledgement of Registry of Amendment of Branch Rules

The Foregoing Amendment of the Branch Rules of the "Shepherds of the Mountain Lodge" No. 1153, Hawarden District, L. O. Ancient Shepherds, A. U., Friendly Society is registered under the Friendly Societies Act, 1896, this 23rd day of November, 1898.


Copy kept

E. W. B.


The handwriting at the top reads:

Mr Absalom Hayes

Grosvenor Arms

Northgat (sic) St



The postage stamp is for one halfpenny and is stamped Chester Station Office





Author: Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds


Year = 1898

Gender = Male

People = Group

Work = Public Service

Extra = Pre 1900

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