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Rules of the Shepherds on the Mountain Lodge Friendly Society"

Feathers Inn, Brook Street, Buckley


Buckley Society Magazine Issue Two, July 1971

This appendix relates to the article by Charles Duckworth featured above.




Friendly Society (as confirmed by the Registrar of Friendly Societies, April 4th, 1865)Summary of Rules of the Church and King United Brethren


The front page of the Rule Book has the following inscription:


"Rules of the Church and King United Brethren Friendly

Society No.8045 held at the White Lion Inn, Buckley..

Instituted 28th day of June, 1823.


Printed at the Mold Press- Pring and Price.


(The rules start with a somewhat lengthy and legally phrased statement from the rules of the National Organisation regarding persons who do not Conduct themselves properly, who misappropriate funds, books, papers, etc. with penalties etc. stated with a view to preventing things such as these from happening.) If any Officer, member or person whatsoever by false representation or imposition shall obtain possession of any monies, securities, books, papers or other effects of any Society, or, having the same in his possession shall withhold or misapply same, or shall wilfully apply any part of the same to other purposes than those expressed or directed in the rules, he may, upon complaint made by any person on behalf of such Society, be summoned before two justices, and it the justices shall determine the complaint to be proved, they shall adjudge him and order him to deliver all such books, monies, securities papers and other effects, or to repay the amount of money applied unproperly, and to pay, if they think fit, a further sum on money not exceeding £20 together with costs not exceeding 20s, and in default the said justices may order the said person so convicted to be imprisoned in the Common Jail or House of Correction with or without hard labour for any time up to three months. Any trustee or officer or person aiding or abetting in the dissolution or determination of any Society or the division or appropriation of the funds thereof except in accordance with the directives of the 13th Section of 18 & 19 Vict. c.63, will on, conviction thereof by two justices be committed to the Common Jail or house of Correction there to be kept to hard labour for any term not exceeding three months."


Rule 1The name of the Society is (as above). Meeting place the White Lion Inn, Buckley...The objects of the Society to provide for the sick,the burial of the dead and to assist the fatherless and widow.


Rule 2Application of funds. Contributions, donations, admissions and fines . Persons misapplying funds shall be excluded from membership.


Rule 3Every member admitted shall not be above 26 years of age (except in the case of benefactors). They must be of good character, and free from bodily infirmity and shall not belong to any other Society. The sum of 2s-6d shall be paid into the box on admission. Older persons shall be admitted on condition that they pay their contributions for the length of time by which their age exceeds 26 years and by paying 2s-6d into the box.


Rule 4Meetings shall be held on the last Saturday of every month, from 6 - 8 p.m. from November to March, and in the other eight months of the year from 7 - 9 p.m. At each meeting members shall pay l0d into the box; and if a member misses a meeting he shall pay ls-8d at the next meeting or 2s-6d if he shall have missed two meetings. If he neglect to do so he will be fined 1s. to be paid into the box, and 1s for each clearance night, and should he become sick he will forfeit benefit after his first forfeit, until he has paid his contributions and forfeits to date.


Rule5 There shall be three keys of different kinds which the stewards and the secretary shall hold, one each. In the Box shall be deposited the books, deeds, writings, cash etc. belonging to the Society, and for which proper security shall be given by the landlord or tenant of the House for such amount as the committee may think fit from time to time.


Rule 6.The Committee shall consist of fifteen members, not less than eleven to be sat in judgment. The treasurer to present every June at the annual feast the Statement of Accounts of the Society, or he may do at the request of a Trustee.


Rule 7.Two substantial persons shall be appointed as stewards and there shall be two assistant stewards.


Rule 8.The Secretary shall be chosen by the General Meeting and he shall produce a clear statement of proceedings at each meeting and at the Annual Meeting.


Rule 9.The surgeon shall be chosen by the majority of the Society, and sick persons shall notify the stewards who will give notice to, the surgeon. A sick person can complain about the neglect of the surgeon. The surgeon shall receive 2s. per annum per member (payable half yearly). The vote for the surgeon's retention or dismissal shall be taken by the steward on the Feast days at each house.


Rule 10No member shall receive benefit before two years after his entrance into membership of the Society. Should a member be rendered incapable of work through sickness etc., he shall on giving the stewards notice receive 7s. per week until he has drawn out his own money at the rate of l0s. per year for every year he has been a member; afterwards (if still incapable) he shall receive 6s. weekly for six months, 4s. per week for three months, and 3s. weekly as long as old age, affliction etc. lasts. No benefit shall be paid to anyone whose incapacity is due to his having been drunk, or fighting, or is the result of immorality.


Rule 11In the event of the death of a member of ten years standing or over, the widow or nearest relative will receive £8; in the case of a member of under ten years the sum will be £5. If the wife dies first the husband will receive a lump sum of £5.


Rule 12Members at a distance of over twelve miles are to pay their contributions twice yearly, and will not be subject to fines; in case of sickness they must provide a medical certificate of their complaint and a note confirming it signed by the minister of the parish in which he lives.


Rule 13Any member who is disloyal to the Society and uses offensive words and in doing so dishonours his maker and shows disloyalty to the government etc. shall be fined.


Rule 14The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the last Saturday in June.


Rule 15Any disputes between members, and between members and officials shall if necessary be submitted to the justices.


Rule 16The Society's capital shall be invested in a Savings Bank or in Public Funds or in the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debt or in Government Securities in Great Britain.


Rule 17Compliance with the Rules.


Rule 18Election of Trustees.


Rule 19The Annual Statement of Accounts shall be presented after audit to the Annual Meeting.


Rule 20Conditions governing the making of new rules.


Rule 21 Rules governing the increase or diminution of capital.


Rule 22All members shall pay 2d monthly to defray the cost of management of the Society.


On the last page of the rule book is the following certification:


I hereby certify that the foregoing rules of the Church and King United Brethren Friendly Society which meets at the White Lion Inn, Bistree, in the County of Flint,are in conformity with the law. Rates of contribution and payments are not stated to have been prepared by any actuary.


April 4th, l865. John Tidd Pratt (Registrar General of Friendly Societies in England)


This is followed by the inscription:


Signed by the following members this first day of April, l865.


William Shepherd.

Robert Wynne.

William Connah


William Catherall (Secretary)


Author: Church and King Friendly Society


Year = 1891

Gender = Male

People = Group

Work = Public Service

Extra = Pre 1900

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