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County Buildings, Mold


see Buckley Magazine No. 20, 1996. p. 23.

"Before the Days of Pneumatics" by Wilf Owens


The bicycles pictured were all on solid tyres. My grandad William Owens is on the Penny Farthing in the centre of the picture. He rode the Penny Farthing to his sister's house in Oldham one morning before his breakfast. The maker was 'Coventry Machinists'. It was perfectly possible for the journey to have been made in this time as speeds of up to fifteen miles per hour were achieveable on penny farthings!


The club used to meet at the Urn Cocoa Rooms in Brunswick Road opposite where the old Midland Bank used to be. They used to have weekly rides out to the Falcon Inn at Chester; they also used to ride out to Wrexham, Rossett and other places locally.


As well as being a cycle agent, he was also a collier, working at the Padeswood and Elm pits.

Author: Owens, Wilf, 1932 - 2007


Year = 1900

Building = Public

Event = Social/Entertainment

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Landscape = Urban

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