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Buckley Choral Society programme of Handel's Samson"

Tabernacle Methodist Church, Padeswood Road, Buckley

25 April 1950

This is an undated excerpt from an unknown newspaper about a performance of Samson by the Buckley Choral Society. It is incomplete.




The revival of the Buckley Choral Society some eight months ago was welcomed by the lovers of choral singing enthusiasts of the district. The Choral Society was one of the most flourishing in the county of Flintshire about 20 years ago, when Mr. Wilfred Jones A.R.A.M., Wrexham was its conductor, and under his baton such works as the "Messiah" "Elijah" "St. Paul" "Creation" "Israel in Egypt" "Judas Maccabaeus" "Stabat Mater" "Samson" etc., etc., were successfully performed annually, with the assistance of a first-class orchestra and the leading soloists of the day, in the old Central Hall, and also a large marquee. But about 1909 the Society became defunct, although several attempts had been made to resuscitate the Society to the former position of usefulness in the town. It could not be said that the Society was a complete success after Mr. Wilfred Jones finished as conductor. In those days the present conductor, Mr. Tom Roberts served his apprenticeship (if we may call it such) as accompanist for the Buckley Choral Society, under Mr. Jones, and it was the thorough training under such an authority that has enabled him to become such a success in his new role as conductor. It has been stated that it is a natural and, perhaps, a praiseworthy ambition, to become a potent and magnetic conductor; the young musician dreams of this as a pinnacle of glory; he longs to control a powerful orchestra or choir, but this cannot be said of Buckley Choral Society's conductor, Mr. T. Roberts, for he is never happier than when he is manipulating on the console of his pipe organ, or accompanying at a first-class concert. It was in response to a unanimous appeal by the members of the Society when it was revived last winter, that Mr. Roberts accepted the position as conductor. The work decided upon was Handel's oratorio "Samson". The rehearsals have been well attended, for there has been an average attendance for each practice of over 100 members. The choir as a whole have shown earnestness and zeal in its preparatory work throughout the session, and the climax of its ambition was achieved on Wednesday night, when a crowded audience assembled at the Tivoli Theatre for the performance, the proceeds of which will be divided between the two Buckley Nursing funds, and the new motor ambulance fund. Handel's "Samson" was last performed by the Buckley Choral Society in May 1905.




Author: Buckley Choral Society 1


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Month = April

Day = 25

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