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WWII 'Calling up' paper for John Eric Hayes"

Drill Hall, Buckley

25 August 1939





Calling Out Notice



Name: Hayes J.E.

Rank: L/Bgr Army Number: 1457275

Regt. or Corps: 70 (R.W.F.) anti tank regt.

In pursuance of directions given by the Secretary of State for War in accordance with an Order in Council made under Section 1 of the above-mentioned Act, you are hereby notified that you are called out for military service commencing from 26.8. 1939, and for this purpose you are required to join the

279 BTY 70 (R.W.F.) anti tank regt., Drill Hall, Buckley...on that day.

Should you not be present yourself on that day you will be liable to be proceeded



Stamp of Officer Commanding Unit

Place: Rhyl

Date: 15.8.39


You should bring your Health and Pensions Insurance Card and Unemployment Insurance Book. If, however, you cannot obtain these before joining you should write to your employer asking him to forward these to you at your unit headquarters. If you are in possession of a receipt (U.I. 40) from the Employment Exchange for your Employment Book bring that receipt with you.

You will also bring your Army Book 3, but you must not fill in any particulars on page 13 or the "Satement of family" in that book, and the postcards therein must not be used.

Author: Army Form E 518


Year = 1939

Month = August

Day = 25

Document = Letter

Event = Historic

Gender = Male

People = Single

Work = Military

Extra = Military

Extra = WW2

Extra = 1930s

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